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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jon closes Cold Filter... sort of.

Jon posted a link to this blog... as a final approval of my last post there. I'll now continue the most important aspect of cryonics, for me, Pre-Arranged Last Minute or PALM cryonics here. I'll cover a wider swath of topics in cryonics than my own arrangements but in a reasonable way. Comments here will be left open. I'll have more frequent and shorter posts than other cryo bloggers.

Jon's style of moderating was terrible in my opinion. There is no real conversation going on in Cold Filter because a conversation involves ongoing give and take, detours, restatements and questions. Jon approves only sporadically and his filter is so tight that very little gets through. I'd say the cold filter has become irreparably clogged. It needs a plumber, badly. Or... maybe just a plunger and we can flush the whole thing down the proverbial toilet. Just kidding... I'm taking that analogy too far... but it's there if we ever need it again.

Here are the latest threads at Clogged Filter... in alphabetical order.

Alcor associate membership. Alcor associate membership
Captain Kirk... William Shatner on death, immortality, and the singularity
Charity. cryonics charity for terminally ill
Closing Clogged Filter. Closing Cold Filter
CPlatt... Charles Platt subject of skepticism makes the news
FED.... Audit of Federal Reserve uncovers 16 trillion in secret loans
fishing, fishy, fish, fresh, sardines... Don't support fishing
God debate... Is God willing to enter into an ethical debat-
happiness in cryonics... happy
immortality on Discovery... Discovery Channel: Can You Live Forever?
International cryonics. Cryonics for patients outside US
movie... More actors signing on to Cryonics Movie
PALM Cryonics Follow Rick Potvin's latest cryonics efforts at P.A.L.M cryonics.
sickness... Sickness and death
Pizer's Balls. Let's Get the Ball Rolling - FASTER
Pizer's invitation... Cryonics Invitation
sedating to death.. The animals were sedated and bled until their hearts stopped.
Steven Hawking. Hacking Steve Hawkins' brain
Transcension. The Transcension Hypothesis - What comes after the singularity?
Unperson moving to Phoenix. I am applying for a job in phoenix
young people in cryonics... Incredible Achievments Possible For Young People In Cryonics

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