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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rick Potvin has $50,000 in life insurance for cryonics Alcor not interested.

The fact that I have $50,000 in life insurance available for cryonics and Alcor isn't interested tells us something about Alcor. They've lost touch with reality... and THAT in a business which most people think has lost touch with reality to begin with. The least Alcor could do is INVENT a program for people with 50K. Don't you think? Respond here.

Rick Potvin

End of 2012 signals end of first year of my anti-sign up move.

by Rick Potvin

For the first time in 20 years, I've gone a year without being signed up for cryonics. You can read the rest of that story elsewhere on this blog. I still intend to be cryopreserved but not at the cost of my late life survival and comfort. I'm apparently not willing to pay for the potential for physical immortality with everything I have. Some cryonicists are but most cryonicists who are secure with their arrangements have prodigous sums of money on hand and have been having private meetings called wealth preservation meetings. It might be that cryonics is a cover for wealth preservation. This doesn't preclude the possibility that cryonics can be real but it makes it harder to detect real cryonics from the phony front for wealth accumulation. In any case, since Alcor renegged on their grandfathering policy, the game is too rich for me.

Rick Potvin

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alcor actually considers cancelling underfunded members.


Alcor considers cancelling memberships of underfunded members in their latest crisis article above. That obviously proves I was right about their phony grandfathering idea that I signed up under and paid for. My quitting my membership was likely cheered by Alcor since they probably want to see long time underfunded members lighten their financial load. Their salary offered to the new communications director (useless job) is 60K. It's no wonder they ran out of money. And the millionnaires and others with money have all left their estates to perp trusts-- leaving Alcor itself "out in the cold" in suspended animation itself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dave Pizer finally recognizes Alcor has a problem.

I'll fill in the details here later but Dave Pizer wrote to his Venturist group on a Yahoo forum that the Alcor financial problem is serious. It surprises me that he's only recognizing that now. I pointed him to this blog to get up to speed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm currently a non-existent person in the cryonics community.

I've recently been banned from New Cryonet and cryoncists are not responding to my emails. My life insurance policy of 50K still lists Alcor as beneficiary. I have not made any aspect of PALM officially known to Alcor through signed paperwork. I'm paying my insurance premiums out of my cash value. I've been alerting cryonicists to the threat to reanimation from the coming ice age.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Underfunded members are now seen as a detriment to Alcor.

Unson gave us an insightful analysis on how Alcor thinks of underfunded grandfathered older members now.

Why now? Well, from my cynical perspective, the alcor directors and employees now see us as a minus, now that they are no longer dependent on our dues to fund alcor. A bunch of cryopreservations could drain that fat 7 million and then how would they be able to fund their own salaries and cryopreservations?
Source [Unson on NewCryonet]

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pre-Arranged Last Minute Cryonics (PALM) replaces my membership.

`````I'm no longer a member of Alcor. I stopped paying dues. The short story on this is that I don't feel I can afford it anymore. The membership dues are going up and show signs of going up further in the near future. I calculated what my life savings have been so far and what they're likely to be over the next span of time and it's not looking good. I'd rather hold onto the money I would otherwise spend on projected memberships and increased insurance, now needed to meet higher "minimums" set by Alcor.

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