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Friday, September 5, 2014

Reincarnation replaces cryonics for Rick Potvin, Ex-CI, Ex-BACS, and Ex-Alcor member.

Rick Potvin has, at various times during the interval 1978 through 2012, some 30+ years, been a member of every cryonics organization. He has searched for the keys to extended youthful biological existence along with other prolongevists as well since cryonics was only a backup option in case biological immortality failed. Due to the imperfect world of cryonics and the inability of scientists to find a cure for aging, Rick fell back-- or moved forward-- depending on perspective-- to consider reincarnation again but much more seriously given the resources of the internet. As it turned out, he slowly began to embrace the idea of reincarnation with more and more enthusiasm over the interval 2012 to 2014. His thoughts were very much guided by a few "gurus" on the subject, most particularly Hans Wilhelm. Here is Hans Wilhelm's perspective on immortality.

Hans Wilhelm has assembled all his reincarnation videos into a playlist accessible from here...
Hans Wilhelm - YouTube

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