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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My effort to maintain a cryonics contract is beginning to collapse as of 2010 with the weight of numerous factors, not the least of which was the wake-up call posted on the Alcor blog about the lack of contractual guarantee of a grandfathered price agreement. Suddenly, I realized I've made a major blunder-- I ought to have bought a million dollars in life insurance at age 34 (when I signed up)-- to cover advanced cryonics in 2057 when I'll be 100-- assuming I live that long-- which I could very well. Now, I'm threatened with less and less cryonics technology and rescue capability as the price of a basic neuro increases.Do you have enough life insurance for your "cryonics futures contract"?.... What is your life insurance worth at the END of your life expectency? ...YOU NEED INSURANCE FOR THAT FUTURE COST... not today's cost!!! .........wouldn't that be a million or two? ... and wouldn't it be cheapest purchased earliest in life?In brief, I think I have to help the Board of Alcor create a new type of contract... whereby I'll be cancelling my "full" membership, but leave my 50K neuro life insurance policy with Alcor... as a down payment on whatever cryonics rescue they can do for me well into the future... toward 2057 when I reach 100 years of age... which down payment will be enhanced by whatever I manage to leave Alcor in my will or trust. --Rick Potvin PALM A-1348 (PALM indicates no membership dues will be paid, but a life insurance policy will remain with Alcor along with an updated will or trust indicating extra money for Alcor to enhance my original down payment-- this will be called Pre-Arranged Last Minute cryonics membership). 

9/11-2 in Phoenix on 12/25/12

There is a book out called "The most dangerous book in the world" that predicts a 9/11 part 2 event for Phoenix Arizona on Dec. 25 this year... This should be looked at and considered with appropriate caution taken.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Jon closes Cold Filter... sort of.

Jon posted a link to this blog... as a final approval of my last post there. I'll now continue the most important aspect of cryonics, for me, Pre-Arranged Last Minute or PALM cryonics here. I'll cover a wider swath of topics in cryonics than my own arrangements but in a reasonable way. Comments here will be left open. I'll have more frequent and shorter posts than other cryo bloggers.

Jon's style of moderating was terrible in my opinion. There is no real conversation going on in Cold Filter because a conversation involves ongoing give and take, detours, restatements and questions. Jon approves only sporadically and his filter is so tight that very little gets through. I'd say the cold filter has become irreparably clogged. It needs a plumber, badly. Or... maybe just a plunger and we can flush the whole thing down the proverbial toilet. Just kidding... I'm taking that analogy too far... but it's there if we ever need it again.

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