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Was Muhammad Ali cryopreserved (frozen) like Ted Willams? There's enough "chatter from the past" to consider it. [PALM Blog-post about Ali's possible cryonic preservation by Rick][Threaded discussion forum "TW Talk" will pick up where the PALM Blog-page left off]

Friday, February 3, 2017

Another 501-3(c)-- this time under the auspices of Ali (who I think might have been frozen)

Update to Rick Potvin's cryonics diary for the search engines.
Feb. 3., 2017.
I got UPTOWN magazine in the mail here in Phoenix last week. It advertises upscale businesses and people. One whole page promoted an upcoming fundraiser for, I think, muscular dystrophy, by the ali.com foundation. I looked it up and it's forwarded to muhammedali.com. The website needs high bandwidth to run properly and is big on graphics and quotes by Ali such as "when you're down, get up again" or some such trivial nonsense.

The reason I'm making a new post to this cryonics blog today is as a result of Charles Platt. THE Charles Platt, connected with Suspended Animation Inc in FL and Saul Kent. Platt facebooked me. I got an email asking for a facebook friend. I hate Facebook. It's a terrible system. Since it was from Platt I clicked on it anyway and greeted Platt. He claims he made a mistake. (Right). I asked him if he had read my blogpost (the previous post to this one) on Ali being preserved. (cryonics). He said he had never heard that. I asked him to read my blogpost and provided a link. The response was crickets.

Now I think it would be good idea to publicize the inquiry into whether Ali was frozen. But that's me. And that's me on beer. Beer was invented by the Ancient Anunnaki and delivered to their creation, mankind 6,000 years ago. I trust beer. I trust my mind on beer. Beer can lead to higher evolution. And so-- I hereby hit SEND on this post with updates to come in coming days about the Ali fundraiser and the cryonics connection--- which is underground like the French Connection.

How can I prove the  connectioon between  Muhammed Ali and cryonics? Answer: Connectomes!

$127 million has been raised with the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute a
Sebastian Seung - ‎2012 - Psychology
The cases of Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali have raised public awareness of the disease. Like Alzheimer's disease, PD involves the degeneration and ...

Students'Scientific Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences - alumnus.tums.ac.ir
A statistical approach in human brain connectome of Parkinson Disease in elderly people using Network Based Statistics. MH Aarabi, A Kamalian, B Mohajer, ...

Jan 31, 2014 ... ... in 1984 when Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with PD at the age of 42. ..... Further investigation into the motor connectome of ALS patients ..

https://biologicalrootsofhumanity.wordpress.com/.../the-brain-as-jello-with- fruit/
Jul 25, 2015 ... A notable example of this would be a boxer, say Muhammad Ali, who ... were repeatedly jarred and torn from their place in the connectome.

  1. WHEELS IN MOTION - Sports Illustrated
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  3. Dec 14, 2015 ... Muhammad Ali .... Armed with a $5 million MRI machine called a Connectome scanner—the most powerful imaging tool in the world—Edlow ...

Barrow and Alcor
barrow alcor - Google Search

Alcor News #53, July 18, 2006 - Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Dr. Sheleg also worked with Dr. Stephen Coons (Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ) on a manuscript dealing with morphological changes in neurons ...

Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on September 12, 2003 ...

Sep 12, 2003 ... Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is a long-time supporter, and benefactors include the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center at Barrow Neurological ... Sherwood The Arizona Republic Cash infusion Alcor Life Extension ..

Best Second Chance | ALCOR Life Extension Foundation | people ...

... Park, Max More, CEO of ALCOR Life Extension Foundation, keeps a watchful eye over his "patients.". ... Dr. Robert F. Spetzler at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Best Brain Surgeon | Dr. Robert F. Spetzler at Barrow Neurological ...

Best Brain Surgeon. Dr. Robert F. Spetzler at Barrow Neurological Institute · Best Urban Legend .... Best Second Chance. ALCOR Life Extension Foundation ..

connectome muhammed ali cryonics - Google Search

Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are - Google Books Result

Sebastian Seung - ‎2012 - Science
See also Cryonics; Plastination; “Uploading” AIDS, 212–13 Alcoholics ... 243, 245, 252, 256AliMuhammad, 171 Allen, Woody, on immortality, 252 Allocortex, 

What Really Happened to Ted Williams - Sports Illustrated

www.si.com/.../what-really-happened-to-ted-williams-a-year-after-the-jarring -news-that-the-splendid-splinter-was-being-frozen-in-a-cryonics-lab...
Aug 18, 2003 ... Muhammad Ali .... Moreover, Williams's seven-page Consent for CryonicSuspension, a copy of which was obtained by SI, was submitted to ...

Muhammad Ali died 'years ago' - shock parallel universe claims ...

Jun 27, 2016 ... A BIZARRE conspiracy theory has sprung up claiming boxing legendMuhammad Ali has been dead for years - and that this is proof of parallel ...

What Really Happened to Ted Williams - Sports Illustrated

www.si.com/.../what-really-happened-to-ted-williams-a-year-after-the-jarring -news-that-the-splendid-splinter-was-being-frozen-in-a-cryonics-lab...
Aug 18, 2003 ... Muhammad Ali ..... Former Alcor COO Charles Platt, in a 27-page petition to the company board last month calling for Lemler to resign as CEO, ...

Boxing History: Sportspages.com

FAMOUS FIGHTS AND FIGHTERSCharles PLATT. £15.00 (Code: 41982) · FIFTY YEARS IN THE RINGGene CORRI. £30.00 (Code: 26939) · FIGHTS FOR THE ...

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